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Thank you for visiting us today. We’re glad you’re interested in what we do here at Lasting Laser Art. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

We’re an up and coming small business at the moment with big hopes and dreams. Dreams that you can help make true, just by sharing our unique artwork.

The creative genius behind the artwork and tech guru goddess of the almighty laser is: Shelva Yamamoto. (Me!)

The pain in the butt that puts things together and paints then throws things and mutters under her breath about design flaws is: Kawanee Hamilton. The reason I keep her around is because she keeps me from what I call squirreling and she also manages the online presence and the social media stuff. Oh and sales.

We’re a good team, only drive each other a little crazy. Okay it’s more like a short walk. We keep each other in check and keep the business rolling along. We’re goofy and creative but dedicated to producing unique items that are quality.

We love all pets and most people. We hope you’ll find something you like while you’re here and we’ll keep adding stuff to keep you coming back.

~Shelva and Kawanee


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